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Yoga and Spoons - I think this means tequila… But it’s so applicable...
"You should sit in
meditation for twenty
minutes a day, unless
you're too busy;
Then you should sit
for an hour."

about me

I'm basically a crazy,
liberal hippie who wants
to save all the animals,
feel grass beneath my feet,
eat healthy, meditate,
live in a "tiny house"
and smoke weed without
someone telling me not to.

I ~love~ hiking, LUSH,
sex, tattoos, boobies,
not bathing every day
(I think its unhealthy),
shopping (I'm girly
okay don't judge me),
blah blah blah.

I post about gymnastics, health, tiny houses, veganism, nature, etc.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Nastia Liukin is my queen.


find me here

instagram: EarthquakeErika
myfitnesspal: eLayneB7660
fitocracy: EarthquakeErika
twitter: EarthquakeErika

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I think this means tequila… But it’s so applicable :)

I think this means tequila… But it’s so applicable :)

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